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77-60: We're Getting The Band Back Together!

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Before this game, I pronounced that either we'd see double-digit minutes from Joe "Fluffy" Duffy or we'd be on the wrong end of an embarrassment for the ages.  At halftime, it was hard not to get the impression that the team thought this one was going to be a milk run.  Fortunately, the light came on in time, and a 14-0 burst helped the 'Dores put Auburn away, 77-60.  John Jenkins delivered another answer-the-bell performance after an almost scoreless first half with 22 points (including five 3s) and Jeffery Taylor added 20 points and 10 boards to go with Brad Tinsley's 16.

The highlight of the game for me had to be the long-anticipated return of Andre Walker, though.  After missing 17 of the last 18 games with a run of illness and injury that would make a nun kick a kitten through a stained-glass window, Andre's modest 6 points in 11 minutes belied a court presence that we've long missed.  If he comes all the way back Tuesday night, it could be a really good night in Memorial.

Let's not mince words: Auburn is an awful, awful team, and this game should never have been close.  If this is the biggest mental letdown the rest of the way, we'll be in good shape, although this should serve as a wakeup call for the LSU game next week.  But any win you can walk away from is a quality win...and now it's all about the Big Orange, losers of 4 of their last 5 since Pearl returned, coming to town on Tuesday.  Let's not make that one any closer, how 'bout it?