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The SEC's Worst Losses: Auburn

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Wisconsin's ongoing protests have destroyed my ability to peel away from work to post this. So, faithful, I'll leave this in your hands. Auburn has had some terrible losses this year (but also some decent wins in Florida State, South Carolina, and Mississippi State. Here are the candidates for their worst defeat:

  • UNC-Asheville (KenPom #162, CBS RPI #169)
  • Samford (KenPom #309(!), CBS RPI #292)
  • Campbell (KenPom #249, CBS RPI #250)
  • Jacksonville (KenPom #149, CBS RPI #115)
  • South Florida (KenPom #123, CBS RPI #153)
  • Presbyterian (KenPom #259, CBS RPI #189)
  • Louisiana State (KenPom #224, CBS RPI #222)
Vanderbilt can't take these guys lightly, especially on the road, but the Tigers haven't been great this year, to say the least. Saturday should be a win for the Commodores, but it's not a gimme. Vandy needs to man up and take care of business this week to get their SEC record up to 8-4 and make a case as a top 15 team.