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81-77: JJ23 Skins the Cats

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I mean, what else can you say about this game?  John Jenkins with a career day and a new nickname: "The Flamethrower."  There were points in the game where I honestly expected the ball to come off his hands on fire a la NBA JAM back in the day.  If there was any doubt about who is the superstar of this team - hell, of this league - there should be none now.  This was John's game of distinction.

The rest of the game went well too.  Brad Tinsley has overcome his earlier bad outings to become clutch at the free throw line, Festus Ezeli is still a force, and Steve Tchiengang had a spectacular day that shows what he's capable of when he's back at 100%.  The 2-3 zone continues to be a confounding force on defense, and the new power package with Fes and Steve on the court together looks like another wrinkle to confound our opponents.  Add that to the fact that Kyle Fuller seems to have figured it out...don't look now, but this is a really, REALLY good team.

About the only down point was Jeffery Taylor's 4 points - it's tough never quite knowing which 44 will show up, but this team has reached a point where it's no longer dependent on any one person having to go large in order to win.  Which is the kind of thing that will be helpful...later.  (I'm not about to jinx anything.)

For those who were there: great, great, great work.  The Blue Mist always seems to seep in, but it's nothing compared to the Black Rain. =)