2012 Football schedule announced

Date Opponent Location
Aug. 30 South Carolina Nashville
Sept. 8 at Northwestern Evanston, Ill.
Sept. 15 Presbyterian Nashville
Sept. 22 at Georgia Athens, Ga.
Oct. 6 at Missouri Columbia, Mo.
Oct. 13 Florida Nashville
Oct. 20 Auburn Nashville
Oct. 27 UMass (HC) Nashville
Nov. 3 at Kentucky Lexington, Ky.
Nov. 10 at Ole Miss Oxford, Miss.
Nov. 17 Tennessee Nashville
Nov. 24 at Wake Forest Winston-Salem, N.C.

Pretty favorable looking to me. I think we can be a real threat to win the East next year. Avoiding Alabama and LSU is big, as well as getting South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee at home.

Bowl game's coming up, so I don't feel like analyzing this too deeply. But I feel pretty good about the looks of it.

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