Gunner Kiel on campus yesterday

This is my first post on here - usually I just read. But I was surprised to see that no one had mentioned that the top QB prospect in the nation made an unofficial visit to Vandy yesterday. From what I heard, the visit went great, and he is strongly considering Vandy along with LSU and Notre Dame as his other top choices. It seems that Notre Dame is a front-runner, as all the "pros" predict him to go there, but this visit could have changed a lot.

Here is the link to Gunner's Rivals page (clearly not updated): Link

I wouldn't consider us the frontrunners for Kiel, but he certainly fits into our offense better than Notre Dame's, and they have already brought in guys with whom he would have to compete for the job. We have a legitimate shot at getting this guy, so let's all hope CJF can seal the deal!

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