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Must Read: SB Nation's Steven Godfrey Goes All-Access With James Franklin

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SB Nation's own Steven Godfrey was given an all-access pass behind the scenes with Coach Franklin and the Vanderbilt football program. Here are a few selections to whet your whistle.


On James Franklin's moments immediately following Vanderbilt's 38-8 victory over Kentucky

The players being to chant back, and with that, as quickly as Franklin ordered his players out for another bow, he's haranguing them to get their asses back to the locker room. Boosters, athletic administrators and Frankin's wife, Fumi, take turns trying to embrace him. He's pacing, and never stops barking orders, even through a few visible tears.



"He's precise. He's extremely detail-oriented," director of football operations Michael Hazel says, while staring at a fresh set of edits to the day's PowerPoint, delivered back to him in Franklin's signature red ink (he only uses a red pen, no matter what).


I don't want to spoil the whole piece. Go check it out and share your thoughts in the comments below.