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Football: Andre Simmons Suspended From Team Pending Investigation Into Attempted Robbery Charges

UPDATE at 11:45 CT -- Vanderbilt has issued an official statement.


Yesterday Vanderbilt Police issued a campus-wide alert that an armed robbery took place on campus. They later cancelled the alert, with the inclusion of the following text:

An ALERT VU Notice was sent earlier today in reference to a robbery on campus at Lupton Hall. VUPD issued this notice based on preliminary information in an effort to inform the community as quickly as possible of a potential threat.

The incident involved several acquaintances in a dispute. Though the incident is still under investigation, there is no ongoing threat to the campus community.

Local Nashville Fox affiliate WZTV reported that one suspect was captured and that authorities were still looking for another suspect that fled the scene.

The suspect that was captured appears to be Vanderbilt football player Andre Simmons.

Clay Travis reached out to Vice Chancellor David Williams, who noted that Simmons has been suspended from the team pending the outcome of the investigation.

The details of the events appear to be very unclear and strange at this time. Only the dumbest of criminals would attempt to rob someone they know at gun point and expect to be successful. If it turns out that he was a party to such stupidity, Andre Simmons will learn that the privelege of attending Vanderbilt comes with a zero tolerance policy.

As far as the football team is concerned, this probably isn't a distraction that Coach Franklin will welcome with open arms with a trip to Knoxville looming.