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Meet Vanderbilt Basketball's Freshman Corps

Shelby Moats, Dai-Jon Parker, and Kedren Johnson make their official debut in a video posted today on the school's official website. The trio clown around for a while, but it's interesting to get a look at these first-year players at Memorial Gym. The interesting takeaways:

  • Dai-Jon Parker is listed as an inch shorter and 25 pounds lighter than Kedren Johnson, but the two look to be about the same height in this video. Johnson does look meatier than his backcourt mate, but black is a slimming color.
  • Shelby Moats looks a bit smaller than expected. If Parker is 6'3", Moats looks to be just scraping his listed 6'8". He's going to have to add some bulk if he wants to play in the post in the SEC. A redshirt year might be the most likely option for the Minnesotan.
  • Moats is also the most Vanderbilt-looking player this team has had since Dan Langhi. Just put a tie and some boat shoes on that kid and send him out to Vandyville.
  • No one is wearing Shan Foster's number this year. Is a number retirement ceremony on the horizon?

Check out Kyle Fuller and Brad Tinsley discussing their terrible hairstyle choices after the jump...


What do David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Brad Tinsley have in common?

A love of hookers, fake breasts, and cocaine? 

The faux hawk.

So close.