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Poll and Discussion Question: Who's Your Starter against UGA?

I'm hesitant to do this, because I don't want to undermine the team. I hope this won't devolve into bashing a player, but I think this might be a positive way to channel discussion rather than just angry post-loss comments.

Clearly the two big losses, a solid showing against Bama for Jordan Rodgers and the fact that Larry Smith hasn't had a "show all the doubters" kind of game in our wins has a vocal contingent getting louder and louder calling for Rodgers to start.

So I was wondering if the Rodgers fans are representative of the whole or if there is a silent pro-Larry majority out there.

It seems the major lines of thought seem to be as follows:

  • Pro-Larry: He's more athletic and makes us more dangerous when given the chance to play. He has shown improvement over last year when he isn't getting crushed. I trust that if the coaches thought Jordan gave us a better chance to win, they'd use him, but they don't and that is good enough for me. Jordan hasn't been any more impressive than Larry in similar situations.
  • Pro-Jordan: We know what Larry brings, and he just can't get it done under the pressure that he's sure to be under. Jordan is more elusive in the pocket and makes decisions quicker. Right or wrong, we have a better shot with someone who makes a decision and gets a pass off than someone who gets sacked. We know what Larry brings, let's at least see if Jordan can do better.
Vote in the poll and explain yourself in the comments. Also, let's discuss assume for the purposes of discussion that Larry will be healthy and ready to go.