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Chip Patterson Needs to Double-Check his Facts

Tonight was an entertaining night for Commodore fans, as they managed to move back to .500 in SEC play, as well as meet their new head coach, James Franklin.

Chip Patterson, an NCAA football blogger for, had an interesting take on Franklin's future:


Why him? After Bobby Johnson retired less than two months before the start of the season, Vanderbilt scrambled to promote offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell to head coach. After Caldwell's 2-10 record in 2010, he stepped down as well. For 2011, Franklin needs to: Beat Elon and win at least one conference game. After two straight 2-10 seasons Franklin at least needs to equal that win total, even with a difficult non-conference schedule. The bar isn't too high, but the Commodores need to find at least one non-conference and one conference win in 2011. By 2014, Franklin needs to have: Made the postseason. Again, the bar is not too high (Vanderbilt has only 2 bowl appearances since 1980, both losses), but Franklin would likely land himself a long-term contract and cement his own place in Vanderbilt history by adding a postseason win to the school's resume. Chances Franklin gets what he needs?: Have you seen the SEC? Not great.

I'll repeat a line from above:

Again, the bar is not too high (Vanderbilt has only 2 bowl appearances since 1980, both losses)

Now, Chip, I do understand that it is hard to believe, but yes, in fact, Vanderbilt did beat Boston College in the Music City Bowl.  

Maybe someone at should edit their bloggers' pages.  Yikes.