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Links: 09.08.2010 Edition

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Vanderbilt Commodore safety Jay Fullam won't back down | | The Tennessean

Five questions on LSU with Randy Rosetta | Tennessean Blogs - Vanderbilt Insider

Vanderbilt Commodore Ryan Fowler vows not to miss PAT again | | The Tennessean

Vanderbilt's Ryan Fowler said Tuesday he has missed his last extra-point attempt of the season. The sophomore's failed PAT in the first half of the 23-21 loss to Northwestern led to a pair of unsuccessful two-point conversion tries later in the contest. Fowler made all 20 of his extra points last season. "I won't miss another one this season. I'll tell you that," Fowler said. "It's something I've always focused on, because that's inexcusable. After the game, I was talking to my mom and she said, 'You've never missed an extra point in your life.' I was like, 'Yeah, I know.' "

Caldwell displays early bravado, stands behind decisions | Nashville City Paper

Caldwell has suffered some criticism for the decision to go for two, but none from his conscience. "That’s why we have the two-point play, so we have a chance to recover from that [missed PAT]," Caldwell said. "And yes I’d have done it again. Every time I’d have went for two. I’ll do it this week [against LSU] if it comes down to it." - Six-pack with Tiger Bait's Mike Scarbrough (Premium)

LSU parades into Nashville in 1934 - VANDERBILT OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE


The Upside | Open 'Dores

MORAL VICTORY!: Use it or lose it: Foghorn malfunctions during Northwestern game

Week 2 SEC TV Schedule - Team Speed Kills


Turkish Team Says It Paid a Top Kentucky Recruit -

The best recruit in Kentucky’s top-ranked recruiting class, the Turkish center Enes Kanter, received more than $100,000 in cash and benefits over three years, according to the team’s general manager.


Basketball season is just around the corner. You're probably not a coach. But if you are, the Vanderbilt men's basketball coaches are having their first annual Coaching Clinic this October 9th. Check for more details (keep checking if the information isn't quite up yet). Video after the break.