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SEC Power Poll: Week 1 Ballot


Week 1. Only 1 better than preseason. Still way too early to divine anything from the action. There's no real context yet. Despite this, here's how I'm stacking things up. Going forward I plan to release an initial ballot and to seek input in the comments section before settling on a final ballot to submit.

On with the rankings:

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - Winning a national championship has a way of solidifying one's spot at the top.
  2. Mississippi St. Bulldogs - Beat Memphis.
  3. South Carolina Gamecocks - Beat Southern Mississippi.
  4. Kentucky Wildcats - Beat Louisville in a rivalry game.
  5. Georgia Bulldogs - Cupcake
  6. Auburn Tigers - Cupcake
  7. Arkansas Razorbacks - Cupcake
  8. Tennessee Volunteers - Cupcake
  9. LSU Tigers - Not sure how Tigers fans feel about their team after a lackluster showing at home against a team missing 12 15 players, most of whom were starters. Did UNC band together or did LSU play down to a team easily outmatched on paper?
  10. Florida Gators - 212 total yards of offense. 3 lost fumbles. 25% on 3rd down. All against Miami of Ohio.
  11. Vanderbilt Commodores - Actually played a bowl team from last season. In a position to get the win until final minute and a half.
  12. Mississippi Rebels - Jacksonville State won.

Agree? Disagree? Let me hear it in the comments. Remember, this is hardly scientific and it's extremely early.