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Links: 09.28.2010 Edition

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UConn game week is upon us. Check out these links to start getting yourself acclimated to the football-version of the Huskies. Names of the week will be up later today. Game Note Golden Nuggets tomorrow.

To start things off, check out this video of Larry Smith, Tim Fugger, and Wesley Johnson at the Monday UConn press conference (thanks to VUAD for this):


Former Vanderbilt Commodores coach Bobby Johnson enjoying retirement | | The Tennessean

MORAL VICTORY!: The last time Vanderbilt had a bye week

MORAL VICTORY!: Larry Smith faces uphill climb in battle of passing efficiency ratings

Jonathan Goff Leads Giants’ Defense From the Middle -

ROBO-GOFF. Epic nickname. I promise I'm working to set up a current and former player Vanderbilt nickname wiki in conjunction with the other Commodore blogs. I hope to atone for your extreme disappointment in my tardiness with something very soon.

Building the best SEC program - SEC Blog - ESPN

Vanderbilt braces for powerful runner again | | The Tennessean

Todman leads the Big East and is ranked fifth nationally (149.3 yards) in rushing this season. He has 1,932 yards in his career. Vanderbilt is last in the SEC against the run (206.0 yards).

Healthy, happy Commodores aim to repeat recent post-bye history | Nashville City Paper

Zac Stacy (knee), Warren Norman (knee) and Wesley Tate (foot) have played with lingering ailments held over from preseason practice. Caldwell noted that Norman made cuts at Sunday’s practice that he has been unable to make this season.

"The rest really helped Warren Norman," he said. "All three of those guys feel better, look better. They went home and ate some of momma’s cooking. That always does them good—I know it does me." - Monday press conference: return to action

Vanderbilt Sports Line: VSL Hotline: Coming off the the Bye, Bye, Bye Week, Edition

MORAL VICTORY!: Vanderbilt opponents stumble out of the gate

MORAL VICTORY!: Vanderbilt hones offense, gets healthy during bye week

MORAL VICTORY!: New Vanderbilt depth chart reflects minor changes

Video: Caldwell addresses the media | Vanderbilt Official Athletic Site

UConn game: Notes and depth charts | Vanderbilt Official Athletic Site

SEC Power Poll: Week 4 Ballot - Anchor Of Gold

We need team commentaries for our submission. Help us out in the comments. Oh, and the proprietor of the Ole Miss blog has at least answered the call, which is more than I can say for the Vandy fans. Embarrassing. (Y'all just got David Priced! -- see below -- jk, DP, obvi)

Basketball - Vanderbilt lands Minnesota forward - Moats is off the board!

Offers from Vandy, Northwestern, Washington State, Iowa, Minnesota, Utah, Rutgers, Providence, Butler, Creighton, Harvard and others. Vandy Bridges Gap With Moats

DraftExpress: Top NBA Draft Prospects in the SEC, Part One (#1-5)

#1 Jeffery Taylor, 6-7, Junior, Small Forward, Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt collects prized point guards | Tennessean Blogs - Vanderbilt Insider

Photo: Veed - The Vanderbilt Vendidad



David Price is in the news today after he was frustrated from a loss and the lack of Tampa Bay fan support on a night where a win would have seen them clinch a playoff spot. I won't link to it, cause I think it's all overblown, but I agree with his thoughts completely. He pitches tonight vs. the Orioles, and one would have to think the win would atone for his tweet last night, seeing as it would seal a playoff appearance for the organization. It's been speculated for some time: will the Rays say goodbye to Tampa Bay? 10,000-12,000 fans a game for one of the top 5 teams in baseball this year paints a pretty bleak picture. College: Knock On Wood

Like Mainieri, Maloney said he was concerned that the new bats could stunt the development of hitters by destroying their confidence. But Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin, who served as chairman of the Division I rules committee when the bat issue once again became a hot topic a few years ago, said the bats could also help teams develop hitters.

"The way I feel about it is the game played at the highest level is made to reward players with true hit skills," Corbin said. "Players who hit the middle of the ball consistently are going to hit. The notion of hitting the bottom of the ball with a nuclear stick and having success is really unrealistic, unless you're Adam Dunn. If you're a good hitter, you can hit with a hickory stick. The bat, to me, is better than wood but performs less than aluminum.