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Fan Confidence Poll: 09.18.2010 Divination

Each week The Oracle shall attempt to use the minuscule variances in the Vanderbilt Commodores Fan Confidence Poll (upper left side main page) to gain some insight into the future outcome of the upcoming Vanderbilt Commodores event. Trust the poll. It's science.

* * *

While the downward trend of the poll would be quite upsetting to the common eye, The Oracle sees beyond the negative slope (the score was exactly halved from a 58 to a 29 this week). Take notice of the shape of the trend. What do you see? A caret, which represents the infamous Carrot of the Gambit. This is without question a sign that the Commodores plan to lull the Rebels into a false sense of security with the lure of a delicious carrot. Like the rabbits they are, expect the Rebels to fall for the cunning trap. Advantage: Vanderbilt

* * *

A cursory glance reveals an interesting symbol hidden in the Ole Miss FCP: a chalice! The gods do smile upon the Commodores today, for if Vanderbilt shall be offering their symbol, the carrot of gambit unto Ole Miss, then it must be true that the Rebels shall be offering the chalice to the Commodores. The gods tell us that the Commodores will be celebrating with the Chalice of Victory to commemorate the spoils of war on this day! Advantage: Vanderbilt


So the Oracle of the Fan Confidence Poll has spoken.