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Links: 09.17.2010 Edition

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A random smattering of links for you today. I will be heading out of town this morning for a wedding in Atlanta this weekend. I think we'll have our "so impeccably accurate you could set your watch with it" game predictions up later today or tonight, depending on how it all breaks down. This game's away, so stop by during the game and join our live gamethread, where it's okay to express your anger and frustration with copious amounts of extreme profanities and humorous .gifs.

On to the links...


Who Is This Guy? (Lots of Option With Vanderbilt Ed.) - Red Cup Rebellion

Hint: It isn't Brandon Barden.............okay it is.

Where the Land Sharks Are: 12 Reasons to Hate the Vanderbilt Commodores

So What Are College-Football Players Studying? -

Extra credit goes to Vanderbilt's Chris Marve, the only player in this analysis who's listed as a triple major, studying human and organizational development, sociology and special education. "I wouldn't call it torture," he says. "But it is tough."

WSJ, y'all.

Vanderbilt' Commodores' Z. Mason doesn't regret choosing football over basketball | | The Tennessean

"I think it was a good decision," said Mason, a redshirt freshman and the Rebels' third-string tight end. "I still miss basketball, but it was the right decision. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play SEC football."

Reread that link title (the headline is worse) and notice the contradiction in the quote. Now, how about a slow clap for those Pulitzer Prize winning copy-editors at the Tennessean! /crickets

Vanderbilt Commodores will face Nashville native playing for Ole Miss | | The Tennessean

One of the players the Vanderbilt Commodores face Saturday at Ole Miss is former Hunters Lane star LaMark Armour, who got a medical redshirt for his sixth year.

Ex-Vanderbilt Commodore examines season so far | | The Tennessean

Cutler looked pretty good in the opener against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, throwing for 372 yards while the offense racked up 463 in all, yet that 19-14 victory left plenty of room for improvement.

Saturday Preview: Vanderbilt-Ole Miss | Nashville City Paper

Young players expected to assume larger role in Commodores' offense. - Previewing Vanderbilt at Ole Miss Mike Pelton Talks Defensive Ends Vanderbilt: The Matchups

Vanderbilt Sports Line: Nothing Like Talk of Dumbing Down One of the Nation's 15 Worst Offenses to Get You Fired Up for Game Day

Football Notes " Open 'Dores


Getting to know Rod Odom (WITH STEVIE THUNDER CAMEO): Part 2 of the Duffman series. Looking forward to parts 3 and 4 as well.


Bruce Pearl's job at Tennessee protected by contract - ESPN

Tennessee cannot terminate coach Bruce Pearl for cause without paying him the remainder of his contract until there is an NCAA finding and, even then, it has to be determined Pearl knowingly violated a significant NCAA violation.

Quite the dilemma UT is facing with what almost certainly appears to be a lame duck head coach: either pay to terminate him now so that they don't put themselves a full year behind the curve with regards to recruiting or wait until the NCAA releases its findings and they most likely terminate him with cause, saving them a few million bucks. Keep in mind no coach has kept his job in the face of a show-cause penalty by the NCAA.

As for the idiotic argument that Pearl has somehow prevented himself from getting a show-cause, unethical conduct penalty by coming forward early? That doesn't exactly hold water when you only come forward because you know you've been caught red handed.

Of course, that didn't stop the lawyer who defended Jim O'Brien during his scandal at Ohio State:

Murray said it would be hard to fit misleading an NCAA investigator into an act of fraud since, "he's now come forward and set the record straight."

"By all appearances, he has corrected his own inaccurate statement," Murray said.


Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said at a news conference on Sept. 10: "Bruce made one mistake in this incident and he came forward to correct it. I'm glad he's our basketball coach."

Reading between the lines, it's clear that either Mike Hamilton has no idea idea about the purported photos showing evidence of Pearl hosting junior recruits at his house or he's lying. I tend to believe the former, which means that Pearl has probably lied to the administration about what other violations were outstanding (and that is an intentional pun).

Is lying to the Tennessee administration a protected act in his contract?

And when is UT pulling the trigger on sacking Mike Hamilton?

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope UT lets this whole situation marinate and fester until March. My basketball season tickets are in the front row, directly underneath the basket and behind the visitors bench. I would love one last go around with Bruce at the helm. That would have to be one of the loudest crowds I would ever see in Memorial. Nothing could be better for VU BBall.


Quick Slant: Baseball trip to Texas | Vanderbilt Official Athletic Site

The other day my next door neighbor said he heard a rumor that Vanderbilt had already formed a secret search committee and asked if it was true. "Of course not," was my reply, "and not only is that false, if it were true it would be a secret!" Be careful with gossip, especially sports gossip.