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Name of the Week: Ole Miss

Each week I'm going to peruse the other team's roster and pick out the five best names. You be the judge. At the end of the season we'll pit the winners against each other to come up with a Name of the Year.

Last week: Barkevious Mingo obviously ran away with the title. Little did I know that he was a ringer. Oh well.

Honorable Mention after the break...

Before I continue, I want to point out that the Ole Miss game notes are extremely disappointing. No pronunciation guides, no player profiles. Very, very boring. A distant second to LSU so far. Also, my apologies for the lack of commentary this week.

Honorable Mention

84 WR Richie Contartesi
13 QB Witt Haggard
35 S Fon Ingram
85 WR Ja-Mes Logan