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Vanderbilt 3, LSU 27 - Dissection

Stay tuned for the official AOG petition to change NCAA football games from four fifteen minute quarters to three fifteen minute periods! Until our offense is generating first downs against SEC-quality defenses, that is the only way we're going to stay in games. As it is, we need more pick-sixes. Cause sometimes a good offense is a good defense.

Comment of the Game - Not a lot to choose from this week. Congrats to the spectacularly poignant parlagi:

Larry is doing a fair impression of Tarvaris Jackson's NFL career. (Matt Casas is doing an even better impression of John David Booty's.)

Congratulations to LSU for deciding to continue to play well past the end of the third quarter. You sly devils!

Impressions and take-aways after the break.

Animated Drive Chart


Yes, this came from RTT. Deal.


  • We play stout defense for three quarters. Longer, should the offense muster first downs.
  • We are very, very young. Even on Defense. I suppose this is probably more of a concern for the time being. I prefer to view it in the long term.
  • No missed PATs!
  • Jonathan Krause. More involvement, please? I noticed he was absent on way too many plays when we had at least 3 WRs in the game. Also, loved the reverse with Krause getting the ball to run. Speed!
  • Warren Norman with a manly 50+ yard run before getting horse-collared.
  • No major injuries!
  • UT got pummeled by more points than we did!
  • Barkevious Mingo did not harvest any Commodore souls. At least during the game.

Areas of Concern

  • The Offensive Line continues to leak like a sieve. Larry Smith isn't getting any kind of time on most passing downs. Thankfully, this is being addressed in the 2011 recruiting class, most of whom are OL.
  • Larry Smith had a few moments of quality play, but he doesn't seem to adjust to the lack of time he's getting at times from his OL. Sure, the called play may be designed for him to stay in the pocket. Sometimes it might be prudent to avoid 270 pound human missiles flying into your sternum.
  • Offensive play calling. Off the top of my head I can't even remember one QB roll out. If we're not getting good protection, why are we not rolling Larry out? I'd also like to see more pro formation sets with both Zac Stacy and Warren Norman in the backfield. Maybe even on passing downs. Get them both out in the flats on opposite sides.
  • Warren Norman's fumble on that fourth quarter kickoff effectively ended the game, as the defense had just come up with a great stand to force LSU to settle for a FG and had to come right back onto a short field with little to no rest. A 13-3 game quickly devolved into a 27-3 game.
  • Extremely poor showing by VU fans in the stadium, students in particular. There's got to be some kind of promotion the Administration can run to get students in the stadium before it starts. You've got to give credit to LSU fans for snatching up all those extra seats. A veritable home game for the purple and gold.

On to Ole Miss, who looked very mediocre against Tulane this weekend. The first-ever SEC victory of the Robbie Caldwell era could be the final straw in Houston Nutt's Ole Miss career.

Post your postgame thoughts in the comments.