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Links: 09.01.2010 Edition

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Name of the Week: Vanderbilt Edition - Sippin' On Purple

And Vanderbilt had a Secretary named Northwestern... - Sippin' On Purple

My lone contribution to Sippin' On Purple's exposé of the commonalities between the two schools? Hunter Hillenmeyer. 

Vanderbilt Commodore Jamie Graham picks his spot | | The Tennessean

"He's right at home at cornerback on defense and he's really doing well," Coach Robbie Caldwell said. "But I've told him, if we're not getting it done on offense we're going to sling one down the field to him. We're going to use every weapon we've got."

Norman in pads, practicing Tuesday at Vanderbilt | Tennessean Blogs - Vanderbilt Insider

Vanderbilt running back Warren Norman was initially labeled "questionable" for Saturday's game with Northwestern. As of Tuesday, his status looks much closer to "probable."

Gambling degenerates with a soft spot for the Commies: Now's the time to put your money on Vanderbilt, seeing as the line shifted when news of Norman's surgery trickled out. As of the time mid-morning Wednesday, it's VU +5.5 (at bodog).

Vanderbilt Commodores expect 35,000 fans for home opener | | The Tennessean

Vanderbilt prepared to muscle out memories of 2009 season | Nashville City Paper 8/31 Practice (Premium)

MORAL VICTORY!: Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald preparing to face a bowl team on Saturday


Indians keep Lewis on move | The Columbus Dispatch

2011 MLB draft: Vanderbilt 3B Jason Esposito - ESPN

"My freshman year I didn't want to have anything to do with a slider," Esposito said. "I couldn't tell you how it happened," Esposito said. "I had my confidence built in with hitting that pitch early in the fall and it grew into the early part of the season." "Does he have tremendous speed? No, but he has very usable speed, he stole (31) bases (last season). And does he have tremendous power? No, but he has pretty good power. Can he hit? Yeah, he can hit. Can he throw? Yeah he can throw. And can he field? He can field. There just aren't a lot of players like him. He is kind of a ... I don't know, he's an anomaly really."

2011 MLB draft: Vanderbilt pitcher Jack Armstrong - ESPN

After coming across the Esposito article, I noticed the one on Jack from earlier in August.

MLB draft 2011: Christian Montgomery, Joe Ross shine at Tournament of Stars - ESPN

Two Vanderbilt commits were on display in RHP Tyler Beede and LHP Philip Pfeiffer. Pfeiffer has an insane, herky-jerk, rush-to-the-plate delivery and worked at 86-89 with good downhill plane and a mid-70s curveball, attacking hitters while he appears to be coming to tackle them. Beede is the more advanced prospect, touching 92 with a two-seamer at 90 that had bat-breaking tail and a short slider with good tilt. He commanded his fastball to both sides and showed a pretty good approach for setting hitters up. Neither will be an easy sign next spring, but I could see Beede rising enough to the point where someone buys him out.