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Links: 08.30.2010 Edition

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To celebrate Week One's arrival, SBNation has rolled out the confidence poll feature (previously only available to "sbn region"-affiliated blogs, iirc) to the rest of the network. You'll notice it in the top left. There are two options: weekly (default) and monthly. If weekly, the voting window is 48 hours starting Monday morning. If monthly, it's the full week of the first Monday of the month. Have at it.

It's AOG's inaugural football season. We're making this up on the fly, so if you have any suggestions or ideas for coverage, please share them in the comments. Otherwise we'll just ape Vanderbilt tradition by stealing the traditions of our fellow SBNation bloggers and institute them as our own.


MORAL VICTORY!: Vandy turns to Steven Clarke as an emergency running back

Vanderbilt football coach Robbie Caldwell gives Twitter a try | | The Tennessean

New kickoff man: Caldwell said freshman Carey Spear from Mayfield, Ohio, will take over kickoff duties, leaving sophomore Ryan Fowler with the field goal and extra point kicking. Spear booted 49 kickoffs through the end zone as a high school senior.

Vanderbilt Commodores will start Larry Smith at quarterback | | The Tennessean

"It feels good to be named starter," Smith said. "I feel a whole lot more comfortable with the offense and the overall scheme being that I played last year. I'm feeling good going into the season, and hopefully it will show out there on the field."

Season Preview: Vanderbilt Commodores | | The Tennessean

Vanderbilt Commodores look for answers on offense | | The Tennessean

Vanderbilt Coach Robbie Caldwell retains down-to-earth mentality | | The Tennessean

Commodores will go with Smith at quarterback in season opener | Nashville City Paper

"Larry has separated himself, and deserves to get the ball," Caldwell said. "He has the big edge on experience, and really understands the offense. I expect to see Larry play well Saturday."

Commodores' linebacker teeming with stats, remains focused on team | Nashville City Paper

"He’s one of the best players I’ve seen work-ethic-wise," safety Sean Richardson said. "Instead of a lab rat, he’s like the film rat. He knows everything. He knows the defense, he controls the defense and he’s always been a great leader telling the defense what to do." "I look for every mistake, every false step, anything that will help me better know my opponent," Marve said. "You can’t get any better unless you know what you’re doing wrong, and the eye in the sky doesn’t lie."

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Commodore Kickoff Special: Special Teams | Open 'Dores

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MORAL VICTORY!: Nine true freshmen make Vanderbilt's opening day depth chart

MORAL VICTORY!: Vanderbilt releases new football depth chart

MORAL VICTORY!: Moral Victory! predictions for the rest of the SEC

MORAL VICTORY!: Vanderbilt will go 6-6 in 2010... and here's how

MORAL VICTORY!: Who's hot and who's not: Vanderbilt freshmen a week before opening day

MORAL VICTORY!: Here's what Vanderbilt's opening day depth chart could look like


Ballin' is a Habit: The Only Conference Preview You Need To Read: The SEC


Vanderbilt Coach Tim Corbin proves strong lure for Blackman's Zander Wiel | | The Tennessean

"But I really, really like Coach Corbin. And you know you aren't going to go wrong with the academics at Vanderbilt."

Boclair: Major League success in the cards for next Commodores ace too? | Nashville City Paper

As Gray, a hard-throwing right-handed pitcher, enters his junior year at Vanderbilt, he can look to two former Commodores, David Price and Mike Minor, and feel comfortable that by next June he will: A) be viewed as one of the top prospects available for the Major League Baseball draft and B) have been as well-prepared as possible for what’s to come.

Corbin brings in standout recruiting class - VANDERBILT OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE