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Links: 08.18.2010 Edition

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Candidates | The Paul Hornung Award
Warren Norman | The Paul Hornung Award - Tuesday Practice Report (Premium)

Top 20 super fans from around the country - ESPN

10. Lance Smith (Vanderbilt) Most people find heckling college students to be in extremely poor taste. But Lance Smith, aka "Vandy Lance," isn't most people.

Incompletions can help make VU junior a more complete safety | Nashville City Paper

Sean Richardson wants to be the total package.

Vanderbilt practice has storm, lack of energy | | The Tennessean

Coaching change has aided season ticket sales at Vanderbilt | Vanderbilt Insider | Tennessean Blogs

The late sum mer surge has put Van der bilt ahead of last year’s ove rall pace when 14,853 sea­son tic kets were sold by Aug. 13. Thus far 15,042 have been sold for the 2010 season.

Jordan Rodgers falls behind in Vanderbilt quarterback race | | The Tennessean

Rodgers did not throw in either session and has not participated in passing drills since last Thursday. He admitted Monday, the first of three two-a-days, that he's falling behind


Minor gets fist MLB win in first start Turner Field | Nashville City Paper
Mike Minor gets first major-league victory | | The Tennessean

Mike Minor had already dressed and turned to talk with the media when his new teammates saluted his first big league win. How 'bout a beer shower, rookie?

Men's Basketball


Rumors that ESPN will show their first-ever double-header in Knoxville on January 15th: VU-UT men at noonish and VU-UT women in the evening.


Local colleges, universities highlighted in latest 'Best' rankings | Nashville City Paper

Vanderbilt University is the 17th best university in the country, according to a new report released by U.S. News and World Report on Tuesday.

Gators hat gets radio announcer fired | | The Tennessean

KAKS general manager Dan Storrs confirmed in a telephone interview with The Associated Press that Gork was no longer working for the station but declined to comment further, saying it was a personnel matter.

Though I admit I would feel the same way as KAKS about this, I would have to think that Ms. Gork has a nice wrongful termination case. Then again, I'm no lawyer.