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Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Commodore (Football) Team

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If you were born in the 80's or later, this isn't going to come as a surprise. Heck, if you were born in the 1900's, this probably still isn't going to be shocking. The 2008 squad is my favorite all-time Vanderbilt Commodore (football) team.

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane:

Since 1980, here is the season-by-season breakdown:

Data Source: Wikipedia

Pretty anemic. 1982 was a solid year. As I mentioned yesterday, Vandy somehow managed to beat both Florida and Tennessee in the same season. Of course, I celebrated the first anniversary of my existence during that season. It still marks the highest win output of any season played during my existence. But, for all the glories and triumphs of that year, the season still ended with the bitterness of defeat.

2005 was special. The Commodores went from 1982 all the way to 2005 without beating UT, and even longer without winning in Neyland Stadium (1975). Jumpin' Jay Cutler to Earl Bennett. And I was there to bask in the glory. Also, earlier that season I road-tripped it to Fayetteville, AR with friends who shall remain nameless for another phenomenal road upset.

Not that there were a lot of options, but 2008 easily bests them all:

  • Vanderbilt's first winning season since 1982.
  • The season ended with Vanderbilt defeating a top 25 team. In a bowl game.
  • The bowl game determined whether we finished above or below .500.
  • Vanderbilt opened the season 5-0 (second time that happened in my life, the first being 2005).
  • Vanderbilt defeated Top 25 teams South Carolina, Auburn, and Boston College.
  • In beating South Carolina, Vanderbilt had a two game win streak against the Ol' Ball Coach.
  • In beating Auburn, Vandy pulled off something they hadn't done since 1955.
  • Vanderbilt was ranked as high as #13 in the AP and #14 in the ESPN Coaches polls.
  • WE HOSTED FREAKING COLLEGE GAME DAY. I was there. We won the game (vs Auburn) in thrilling fashion.
  • DJ Moore vs. Kentucky (2 TD receptions, 2 interceptions) to seal bowl eligibility.
  • It all happened to be my grandfather's last season. I know how much it meant to him, as a former player, to see the team finally be successful again. Every fan should be so lucky.

What is your all-time favorite Commodore (football) team?