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Where I Come From: How I Became A Vanderbilt Commodore Fan

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

I was born a Commodore fan. My grandfather (father's side) grew up in Alabama. While he played basketball and ran track, legendary coach Bear Bryant recruited him to Vanderbilt to play football. After his playing days were through, my grandfather made Nashville his permanent home. My father grew up in Nashville and ended up attending Vanderbilt as well, along with two of my uncles and one of my older cousins.

Most sons and grandsons take great pride in following in the footsteps of their namesakes. I am no different.

I was born in Nashville in October of 1981. My first full football season was the last time Vanderbilt beat both Florida and Tennessee in the same season (though we were a completely bogus Earl Bennett td-celebratory penalty flag away from attempting the feat in 2005).

My grandfather passed away suddenly in January of 2009, about a week after Vanderbilt miraculously beat Boston College in the Music City Bowl. My first bowl experience (that I can remember) was his last. And it was a win.

Black and Gold runs in my veins. And I'm damn proud of that fact.

Certainly, we've all had different paths that have led us to call ourselves Commodore fans. What's your story? What brought you to Anchor of Gold?