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Robbie Caldwell's Actual Official First Order of Business: Hiring Herb Hand

UPDATE 3: Here is the official press release from

UPDATE 2: It's official. Welcome aboard, Coach Hand!

UPDATE 1: Vanderbilt has scheduled a 1pm CT press conference to "announce an addition to the offensive coaching staff." (H/T BarcaBlog).

As you are no doubt aware (since you've surely been following AOG's scintillating coverage of SEC Media Days), Robbie Caldwell's first order of business was not to reinstate profanities (thanks to Spencer @ EDSBS for displaying brazen testicular fortitude in asking my question). While that has apparently been tabled for the time being, something far more pressing needed to be addressed: filling the offensive line coaching vacancy.

As is expected to be formally announced, Herb Hand, offensive line coach for Tulsa and co-offensive coordinator, will be Robbie Caldwell's replacement.

There are myriad reasons why Commodore fans should be excited. Hand arrived in Tulsa in 2007 as their offensive line coach and their co-offensive coordinator:

Hand shared offensive coordinator duties with Gus Malzahn in his first two seasons with the Golden Hurricane. In 2009, he was listed as the offensive coordinator, but playcalling was shifted among different parties, including head coach Todd Graham.

As you may or may not know, in 2007 Tulsa led the nation in Total Offense with 7,832 yards gained. That year, they were 2nd in Passing Yards, 32nd in Rushing Yards, 2nd in Points Scored, and 7th in Points Scored Per Game. Similarly, in 2008 Tulsa again led the nation in Total Offense with 7,978 yards gained. They were 6th in Passing Yards, 7th in Rushing Yards, 2nd in Points Scored, and 2nd in Points Scored Per Game. 2009 saw the Golden Hurricanes put up more modest numbers, though it appears Hand had less control over the offense on gamedays than he did in the two years prior.

Those are all well and good. The kicker? This ringing endorsement: Herb Hand Will Eat Your Babies. Must read, obvi.

Sounds like Coach Caldwell has hit two homeruns in his first two at bats as Head Coach. One has to think that the future of the Commodores offense will have Coach Hand's fingerprints all over it (see what I did there?). Maybe not this season, but certainly in the future.

Edit: Youtube is being stupid. Instead of embedding the video, here's the link.