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So Much For Expectations: Bobby Johnson Resigns Two Months Before The Season Begins

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UPDATE 7: Robbie Caldwell is your new Interim Head Coach.

UPDATE 6Here's the link for the live online video feed. 104.5 will also be carrying the audio from the conference. The link for 104.5 is below.

UPDATE 5@Barcablog reports that Vanderbilt has scheduled a "football program" press conference at 1pm CT. They are working to ensure a live online video feed. Stay tuned for the link.

UPDATE 4Tony Barnhart has confirmed it. Also, he's putting money on Caldwell to get the Interim nod. He'd be my choice as well.

UPDATE 3: The Tennessean is now carrying the news, albeit in an extremely brief report (even by Tennessean standards). This would be noteworthy if the Tennessean actually had a strong reputation.

UPDATE 2: Possible Interim Candidates: Ted Cain, Bruce Fowler, and Robbie Caldwell.

UPDATE 1Click here to listen to 104.5's online feed.

According to Nashville radio station 104.5 The Zone, Bobby Johnson has apparently resigned as the Vanderbilt football head coach. No details are available at this time. Vanderbilt University has not issued a press release. Expect one to come in the following hours.

Stay tuned for updates as we get them.

At this point, I think it's fair to assume that CBJ did not agree with my 2010 outlook, which ultimately led to his resignation.