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Recap: 2010 MLB Amateur Draft Recap

Note: Thanks to NewYorkDore over at's War Room for permission to reprint his fine work. Be sure to follow NYD on twitter @ex_o and to visit his blog at When [It] Strikes Me (Vandy-related material under "Sport".

So to recap the draft:

Andrew Giobbi - 32nd Rd - Seattle (#972)
Brian Harris - Not Drafted
Drew Hayes - 11th Rd - Cincinnati (#337)

Drew and Gio landed in good spots, I think. Especially Drew. Really, for Brian, being an Undrafted FA will carry some stigma but will also offer him some flexibility if he wants to try to continue a baseball career. Good luck to all three, of course, they still have some unfinished VU business to attend to. Also, with Ouch, I wouldn't be surprised to see him go the Carter Hawkins route. He seems to have that kind of personality.

Draft Eligibles:

Russ Brewer - 31st Rd - Rockies (#950)
Curt Casali - Not Drafted
Richie Goodenow - Not Drafted
Taylor Hill - 30th Rd - Cleveland (#900)
Bryan Johns - Not Drafted
Mark Lamm - Not Drafted
Chase Reid - 41st Rd - St. Louis (#1249)
Aaron Westlake - 22nd Rd - Toronto (#666)
Jordan Wormsley - Not Drafted

Vandy really escaped pretty unscathed, so long as Cleveburg and St. Louis don't play big money with Taylor and Chase. Brewer is the only one I'd logically expect to sign, though any could be overslotted.

The Recruits
Conrad Gregor - 40th Rd - Chicago White Sox (#1208)
Robert Hansen - 45th Rd - St. Louis (#1369)
Jacob Harper - Not Drafted
Tony Kemp - Not Drafted
Josh Lee - Not Drafted
Joel McKeithan - 39th round to the Rockies (#1190)
Spencer Navin - Not Drafted
TJ Pecoraro - 48th Rd - Houston (#1443)
Stephen Rice - Not Drafted
Kevin Ziomek - 13th Rd - Arizona (#391)

Again, I think Vandy escaped unscathed and it was great to see Theo not pick any of our guys. I think we'll have a full roster come August.

Alex McClure - 11th Rd - Kansas City (#329)
Robbie Ray - 13th Rd - Washington (#356)
Golden Tate - 50th Rd - San Francisco (#1518)