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La Bamba! Welcome to Vanderbilt, James Siakam!

Update: Enjoy this description from Illinois Prep Bullseye

Siakam is an elite student in addition to being a talented basketball player, which is why above everything else he was looking for a school which would offer a perfect blend of academics in addition to being able to play college basketball at the highest level. Needless to say, Vanderbilt offers Siakam the ideal combination in that regard and therefore is a perfect fit.

From a basketball standpoint, Siakam personifies the definition of a "warrior" in the truest sense of the word. While he may be a bit undersized as a power forward, he more than compensates for that by the fact that he plays hard from start to finish. Siakam is a ferocious rebounder and an outstanding athlete who finishes with authority on the break, can put the ball on the floor and is also a terrific passer. He also has the ability to defend either in the post or on the perimeter. The only thing lacking is a consistent perimeter jump shot.

Word on the street is that Illinois PF James Siakam, originally a 2011 recruit, has not only committed to play for the Commodores but has signed an LOI this past weekend and will be graduating a year early, making him a member of the 2010 signing class that includes PG Kyle Fuller, SF/PF Rod Odom, and C Josh Henderson.

It will be interesting to see where all these kids end up in their respective classes in the final rankings. I will be referring to this crop of freshman as the four dark-horsemen of the apocalypse, at least for the time being. If the chips fall the right way, this class could potentially be vaulted into the Top 25.

As it stands, Vanderbilt's Men's Basketball team now potentially leads the NCAA in players from Cameroon. Stevie Thunder is obviously excited.

So am I.

You should know that it's James "Bamba" Siakam...though time will tell if that will stand up to the demanding standards of AOG, VSL, DorePosts, etc.

I'll have more information on him once the Rivals and Scout sites put up some official information. In the mean time, here are links to his Rivals, Scout and ESPN profiles.

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