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Threesus: The AOG-Approved Nickname for John Jenkins

Update: Okay, maybe I was a little over-zealous (slight religious pun). I saw it. I ran with it. It happens. I think we all agree: John will need a nickname at some point. It needs to be the right name, and we need a consensus. Shan Foster was "Sugar" Shan to some. "The Truth" to others. Sadly, there is no universal tribute. The great teams in Vanderbilt history have had names. This team has the potential to surpass all teams that have come before it. We must find a fitting tribute. And we certainly need a consensus.

A recent thread over on the (Rivals - Paywall Warning) War Room message board asked fans to throw out their best John Jenkins nicknames. The time has come.

In high school, John was known as John Legend or Johnny J. Those aren't exactly bad nicknames. They just don't have the cachet that comes with being a D-I player.

Until now, there's been a faction of nicknames for the highest rated recruit in Vanderbilt basketball history: "JJ", "JoJen" have both graced AOG's comment section, as has "The Future" which I attribute to our friends over at Vanderbilt Sports Line.

Again, nothing spectacular. "The Future" is getting there. Except that the future is now. He has arrived.

What then, Commodore fans?

John Jenkins was blessed. His shooting ability is God-breathed (and feeds off the power of the God-inspired Rally 'Stache). It is a gift that comes along only every so often. It is to be treasured. It is to provide redemption to the throngs of Commodore fans who have long awaited its purity and power.

Thanks to whoever created it on 104.5 The Zone this morning. AOG thanks you.

John Jenkins is our "Threesus." God bless him.

We hereby recognize "Threesus" as the official nickname of John Jenkins.