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Nick Calathes Says: Money Line. Money Line. Money Line.

Calathes knows hoops. And gambling.
Calathes knows hoops. And gambling.

Upside of being a good team playing another good team: all sorts of wagers offered by the books: 

First Half: Florida favored by 1.5 O/U 69

Full Game: Florida favored by 3 O/U 147.5

Moneyline payout for a Commie win: 135

Safest bet: Over in the 1st half. Florida will come out hot. Vandy won't back down.

Don't be stupid bet: Don't take Vandy and the points. If you think they are going to win or lose by three or less, take them on the money line. Vandy won't lose by three or less if they lose. If they lose, they're going to lose big.