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Tourney Early Game Gambling

Available in adult and kid's sizes <a href="" target="new">here</a>
Available in adult and kid's sizes here

Build the bank for the weekend fun: 

UK a 9 point favorite. 

UT a 1.5 point favorite. 

Having gone to the games last night and working in downtown Cashville, I can tell you that this is a home game for Kentucky. They'll cover. I think UTK drops a Cleveland Steamer this afternoon. Bonus fun: UTK loses, lots of tickets are going to suddenly be on the market for the weekend. UTK definately has the second most fans here after the C-A-T-S. 

Two fun UK sighting in the past 12 hours: 1) Big (as in obese, not as in dedicated) drunk UK fan (rocking a Mercer era t-shirt) getting arrested by two cops next to the Ryman while repeatedly yelling "Hang on, I'm getting in the car. It's not a problem, I'm getting in." (He was decidedly not getting in the car). 2) Half a dozen Kentucky fans wandering around downtown before 8 o'clock this morning. You know where nothing is happening at 8 in the morning? Downtown Nashville. 

Take the C-A-T-S and the Rebels on a parlay.