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Non-Gambling Related Post - Don't be Stupid Edition

Dandy, indeed.
Dandy, indeed.

Commies are a 3.5 point favorite for the game, 2 point favorite in the first half. Under no circumstances should you bet this game with a book. The wise thing to do, as always with a Vandy rival matchup when Vandy is the favorite, find a UT fan who can bet with something other than cigarettes and bet them straight up. They will absolutely want to do this. If you're lucky, you'll be able to convince them to give you points.

Why is this the wise thing to do? Easy: if you take Vandy to cover and the game is close at the end, you are not going to be able to enjoy a ridiculous win the way you otherwise would. Likewise, you may be pulling for Andre to take a pull up three with five seconds left instead of driving to the basket for a filthy dunk. Bad karma. Very very bad karma.

Prop bet to consider: number of people wearing orange in Sections 1L and 1F (this excludes the first row in 1F as that is reserved for boosters, etc. of the visiting team): 7.5.

Final note/prediction: Jeff Taylor blows it up tonight. Dynamite.