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SEC Basketball Power Poll Ballot: February 14 - 20, 2010


Anchor of Gold Ballot /// Results at Garnet and Black Attack on Monday evening


# Team Record AP ESPN Pom Sag Comments
1 Kentucky Wildcats
24-1 (9-1) 2 2 11
Passed all their big tests so far. Still a few left before the conference tournament.
2 Vanderbilt Commodores
19-5 (8-2) 17 19 31 21 Jermaine Beal playing like a senior. Vandy leads the country in FTRate (FTA/FGA), due to aggressive offense. Top 10 in 2FG% and eFG% doesn't hurt, either.
3 Tennessee Volunteers
18-6 (6-4) 20 18 32 20 Need to put tough week behind them and to regroup. Still in very good shape.
4 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 18-7 (6-4) 31 X 39 48 Big game vs. Kentucky Tuesday is the only remaining "L" Kenpom has penciled in for the Bulldogs currently.
5 Mississippi Rebels
17-7 (5-5) X X 42 38 Three home games in a row should help provide opportunity to get back in the SEC West race.
6 Florida Gators 17-8 (6-4) X X 54 46 Why did they schedule Xavier during the middle of conference season. That's the type of game you surround with cupcakes earlier in the year.
7 Arkansas Razorbacks
13-12 (6-4) X X 93 107 Courtney Fortson making Arkansas a factor in the West.
8 South Carolina Gamecocks
14-10 (5-5) X X 78 73 Not looking good when Alabama is the only remaining "W" Kenpom has penciled in currently. Is it possible for Devan Downey to start giving more than 100%?
9 Alabama Crimson Tide
14-11 (4-7) X X 73 82 Things aren't necessarily going well when two of your four conference wins are against LSU.
10 Georgia Bulldogs
11-12 (3-7) X X 88 93 How is it possible to beat Vandy, Tennessee, and South Carolina while going 0-fer against the SEC West? Georgia proving them wrong on so many different levels.
11 Auburn Tigers
12-13 (3-7) X X 105 125 Still theoretically in the SEC West race. Unfortunately that isn't really saying anything at this point.
12 LSU Tigers
9-16(0-11) X X 199 198 Yikes. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Poor Tasmin Mitchell.

*** Pomeroy and Sagarin numbers through games played Sunday February 14th, 2010 ***