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Non-Gambling Related Post

I demand a body paint Commodoreress in response. Thetas, get on this.
I demand a body paint Commodoreress in response. Thetas, get on this.

Vandy is a 9 point favorite... in the first half. 16.5 point favorite for the game. Don't even consider betting either one. We start out slow, you lose. We mail it in the last ten minutes of the game, you lose. The Auburn showing last week has taught us that the SEC West brings poop with it to games. Option to consider: check the second half line during halftime. I'll post a suggestion on it from courtside. 

If you absolutely HAVE to get down on this game, which I can fully appreciate and understand, take a look at the over unders: first half 64; full game 137.5. The first half would be the one to consider. If you're going to do that, you are betting on Vandy coming out red hot. You're going to need to believe that the Commies will score AT LEAST 45 in the opening half. That's a lot of points, but hey, maybe you're a believer. Incidentally, if you're going to do that, parlay it with Vandy to cover that 9 point spread. 

All of this comes with the caveat that this is a classic terrible game to bet on because there is no way to know which Vandy team shows up. If it's our friends from the Auburn game, yikes. If it's our friends from the UT game, yikes. 

Here's another Commie related bet you can place today: there's a prop bet on the Pebble Beach pro-am picking between Brandt Snedeker and Matt Kuchar (Payout on Sned slightly higher). Pick Brant. Triple threat that with the Commies and the first half line for a nice payday. Dynamite.