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UT was the kid. The Commies were the shirt.
UT was the kid. The Commies were the shirt.

This midweek's man crush of the game award winner is not a single player. That would be too formulaic. Instead, it is something so deliciously homoerotic that it cannot be passed up: the Commies Man to Man defense. Throughout the season, KStall has teased us with a 2-3 zone that has been very effective at times. But we've all known that it was just a tease and that his heart was really still all about the man to man. Wednesday we saw the Commies get down and dirty in man to man. In sum, we were on the Vols like a wet t-shirt. (My dad used this analogy for man to man defense when I was playing basketball at the age of approximately 8 or so. Thanks dad!) Best defensive game of the year so far. And who better to pull it out against?

As an aside, I have a query for the faithful: KStall referenced a "drive option" offensive tweak that he put into effect against UTK which he claimed as one of the keys to the offensive success in that game. There were allusions to this being some sort of Roy Williams Club secret voodoo. BBook said he had no idea what it was on the Zone this morning. Any ideas on the secret recipe?