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REPORT: James Franklin to Become Head Football Coach at Vanderbilt - ESPN Reporting as Well

The Washington Post is reporting that Maryland Offensive Coordinator James Franklin is currently negotiating terms of a contract to become the next head coach at Vanderbilt. Franklin was part of the driving force that led Maryland to an 8-4 record after finishing 2-10 in 2009. He had been considered a finalist for the Vanderbilt position since late last week after interviewing with the university's administration.

Keep in mind that the Post has burned us before on this one, so nothing is set until an official announcement comes down from the Vanderbilt powers that be. Franklin would be a nice addition to the staff, but not the impact hire that Gus Malzahn or Mike Leach would have been. While a Franklin and Herb Hand run offense would certainly improve some of Vandy's fortunes, its unclear how the potential new hire would fit in just yet. 

We'll have updates as we receive them for you here at AoG. 

UPDATE (sort of): James Franklin as Maryland OC - 18 wins, 19 losses (8-5, 2-10, 8-4). Five wins over ranked teams (four of which were ACC teams, all ranked between 16-24). Two losses to non-BCS teams (both, somehow, Middle Tennessee State). One bowl win (vs. Nevada in 2008), another bowl game pending (vs. East Carolina). Franklin finished 3rd, 6th, and 2nd in the ACC Atlantic Division in his three years and never made it to an ACC Championship Game.

UPDATE 2ESPN now reporting that Franklin will accept the offer as well.