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BREAKING: Malzahn to Accept Vanderbilt Head Coaching Position

The Washington Post's Terrapins Insider - a group close to the story thanks to James Franklin's high rank in Vandy's coaching search - is reporting that Gus Malzahn will be the newest head coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores. We'll have more updates as they unfold.

UPDATE: is reporting that the original report is untrue, and that Malzahn is still considering the offer. This comes courtesy of "someone close to the situation." Odds seem good that we won't get confirmation or sourcing until a press conference tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: is reporting that Malzahn is staying at Auburn. SECSportsReport, helmed by ESPN2 anchor Jay Holgate, is reporting that Malzahn accepted a deal worth $2.5 million a year to come to Vandy. Obviously one, or both, of these reports is going to be proven incorrect.

Right now, the best information we have from reputable sources is that Maryland James Franklin, widely considered the #2 option for Vanderbilt's head coaching position, has been told that the position has been filled. Vanderbilt's administration isn't saying anything until the hiring is official. Very few sound reports exist right now, and the only certainty is that 1. the Commodores head coaching position is still technically vacant until an official announcement comes from Vice Chancellor David Williams and 2. This is all very confusing.

For now, Gus Malzahn still appears to be the man to roam the sidelines at Dudley Field in 2011. If anything changes, we will keep you updated.