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The New Era of Swagger: Kyle Fuller

Graduation took Jermaine Beal and his "swagger threes" from us. It was bittersweet. We were proud to see him earn his degree, yet there was great mourning, for who would replace him and his penchant for inserting painful daggers of swagger into the hearts of our foes via the three-point basket on fast breaks?

Thankfully, there is hope, for Kyle Fuller is making a hard push to be the new king of swagger. Make no mistake, John Jenkins and Brad Tinsley are probably going to provide those transitional three pointers. Kyle's swagger is different. It's more complete. It permeates his soul and oozes from his pores. It even extends beyond the basketball court in ways that the more stoic Beal wouldn't dare attempt, at least on such a large scale.

Dare I say it? Kyle's swagger is fuller than Jermaine's.

Video after the jump. It's not the first one like this, but there's a clear pattern of bravado here that is yearning to be identified.