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Bet on and or care about this Game? No Thank You.

It's a race to the bottom, sports fans! Who is the worst team in a BCS conference this year? Odds are we win this game because we aren't even good at being terrible. 

Don't know what the line is. Don't care. For the first time in a LONG time, I am: 1) not going to a Vanderbilt game that I have tickets to and 2) hoping we lose. Fire Robbie tomorrow, DW. And send Gus Malzahn a nice note with a blank check inside. And buy and wear something other than a sport coat with jeans and tennis shoes.  

Two prop bets worth considering:

Actual attendance at today's basketball game v. App State against actual attendance at tonight's football game. I'll take the basketball game, hands down. (I'll be at that one.)

Threesus' point total against Appy v. the points scored by the football team tonight. I'll take Threesus. 


UPDATE AT 11:09 - Robbie Caldwell stepping down. 

Apparently DW reads AOG. The Caldwell announcement came moments after the above post. I might actually go to the game now. Maybe. Classy way to pull the trigger for Vandy and Caldwell. 

Now get Gus the dadgum check, DW!