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Vanderbilt 10, Tennessee 24 - Postgame Thoughts

In the end, we got what we really thought we were going to get: a forgettable game from two terrible football teams. UT sucked just a bit less, and came away with the W. Not that it would really be worth bragging about.

I really only have a few questions to ask:

1) Why hasn't Jared Funk been given more of an opportunity to play? After watching him last night, I'm not sure if he'd have been a better answer this season from the get go. Maybe Larry Smith is playing hurt, a la Chris Nickson a few years ago. Who knows? Yes, he's thrown a few interceptions (typically moments after he's entered the game for the first time, which seems more like nerves at this point than anything else). I'm pretty confident that more playing time would have helped solve that problem, at least at this point. The contrast between the two last night was pretty striking. Larry just doesn't seem to be able to throw the ball with much touch. The stats certainly don't lie (at least in the last game):


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2) Same thing with Jordan Matthews. Why hasn't he been given more playing time? He essentially scored two touchdowns (one negated by an accidental footstep out of bounds) and nearly scored another with a one handed grab only to be foiled by the barrier once more (though he did end up getting the TD later in the same possession). Sometimes you can't just go by what's being shown in practice alone. Some kids are gamers, elevating their play when something's actually on the line. And, if your starting corps just isn't giving your struggling quarterback and run game much help, maybe it's time to try some of the new (and more physically imposing) players. I can't be the only Vandy fan that feels somewhat optimistic when Jonathan Krause, Jordan Matthews and Tray Herndon come in to spell the starters. Especially when Funk comes in. Obviously the Funk - Matthews connection has been marinating quite well during their time in second team depth chart purgatory.

3) Will Jared Funk start the final game of his Vanderbilt career next week versus Wake Forest? I hope so. Larry's taken a beating this season. I think it's time to shut him down for the season and give the keys to the offense to #12.