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8.5 Points and a Moneyline at +270. PLEASE DON'T LOSE THIS F#^&!(&!$ GAME VANDY PLEASE

One more time....
One more time....

Last time Vandy beat UTK, I had 50 on Vandy with the points (I think it was 13.5) and 50 on the moneyline (something like 370). Plus, I was there with the same guy I am going to today's game with. And that's what you need to remember, Vanderbilt sporting events revolve around ME AND NOTHING ELSE. I AM IN CONTROL OF THIS. IT'S ON LOCKDOWN. So, split your bets between those two.

This game is for Robbie's job. UTK has beaten a bad Ole Miss team and an even worse Memphis team. Their bowl chances stop here. Please God.