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In case you missed it: John Stokes' Goal-line stand vs. Kentucky

Apparently John Stokes has read the football textbook chapter "How to stop an opponent from diving into the endzone from the one yard line."

Step 1: Carefully flow to the area where the ball carrier intends to cross the goal-line after he propels himself into the air.

Step 2: Plant both feet firmly just behind said area along the goal-line. Lean body slightly forward so head, arms and chest are slightly in front of the vertical scoring plane of the endzone.

Step 3: Receive full weight of ball-carrier's body in midair, preferably with your face and hands. Halt forward momentum of ball-carrier. For best results, use lower body strength to begin to reverse the momentum of the player before continuing on to step 4.

Step 4: Use upper body strength to guide opponent's body successfully into the turf short of the endzone.

For added dramatic effect, wait until 3rd and Goal before successfully executing the manœuvre.

Video demonstration after the jump...