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Antepenultimate Game of the Year!

14.5 point underdog. Don't bet on this game. 

Last weekend I left a Vanderbilt football game at half time for the first time in my life. I've been going to Vandy games for just short of 30 years. The performance against Florida was reminiscent of the way the guys mailed it in when Woody got fired. Similar in feel to the UT game in '98 which is my least favorite fan memory ever. 

In light of that, here are some other things that are going on in Middle Tennessee that are likely to be more fun and a better use of your time than watching the trainwreck in Lexington: 

1. Christmas Village - I don't know exactly what this is, but apparently women between the ages of 22 and 95 LOVE IT. Good spot to pick up chicks. And Christmas tree ornaments. Odds of having your heart ripped out by special teams at Christmas Village: 50000 to 1. 

2. A Terrible Lie Open Rehearsals - admission is free to watch real people practice playing fake people. Similar to watching Vanderbilt's offense pretend to be an SEC offense. Odds of Larry Smith throwing an interception for a touchdown at the theater off Charlotte: 450000 to 1. 

3. Backpacking Trip at Fall Creek Falls - beautiful day to be outside. Plus, the beauty of the day will not be completely and utterly destroyed by the unparalleled ineptitute and lack of effort of 18 - 22 year olds who go to school for free. Odds of a bad snap leading to a red zone turnover while on the hike: 7585801 to 1. 

4. Ken Burns' The War of Northern Aggression on PBS - my favorite Burns' documentary. Absolutely phenomenal. Not to ruin it, but the North wins. Had the South won, Jared Funk wouldn't have a chance to get plugged in at the worst possible time and start the turnover train rolling. Funk's from IL. Odds of Robbie Caldwell saying something ridiculous, but awesome, in the documentary: 2 to 1. 


(Prop bet to keep in mind: Over/Under on number of fans at the Vanderbilt v. Wake Forest game if Vandy loses to UK and UT. I am completely serious in saying 10,000. Students are gone for Thanksgiving. Fan base will be totally demoralized. Caldwell should have already been fired, but probably won't be so that the next coaching staff can work from even more of a deficit in recruiting.)