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Periscope: Vanderbilt vs. Presbyterian

It's tipoff time in Nashville! Vanderbilt Commodores basketball is back. A deep cleansing breath.

AOG VUBB Preview

Men's Basketball Season Preview: Point Guard
Men's Basketball Season Preview: Shooting Guard
Men's Basketball Season Preview: Small Forward
Men's Basketball Season Preview: Power Forward
Men's Basketball Season Preview: Center
Can Taylor and Jenkins Appease the Ghosts of Vanderbilt Past?
What I'm hoping to see from MBB

Bloggywo's Blue Hose Preview

Statistical Breakdown

These are based on probable lineups and 2009-2010 season statistics. As you can see, a few of the Presbyterian players do not have statistics from last season. At the bottom, the Kenpom numbers are from 09-10 as well. This is probably all an exercise in futility, seeing as there's been some turnover on both rosters.

Four Factors: Vanderbilt should have the edge in all four factors. Prediction: VU wins all four.

Tipoff is scheduled for 19.00 CT and the game will not be televised, though it appears All-Access will carry the live video stream. Our open gamethread will go live about an hour before tipoff. Also, don't forget to head over to Stat-King to submit your predictions for the game.