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I wouldn't bet this game with your money.

War Eagle is the smart bet this week.
War Eagle is the smart bet this week.

Vandy is a 25 point favorite. Don't bet that. Under ANY circumstances. The O/U is 53. That a big number. Very big. Lest we forget that Vandy's offense is TERRIBLE. As a reminder, Kent is leading the country in... average number of punts per game. DYNAMITE!

So, what to do with your gambling urges this week? Lots of people would tell you to take UT plus the 11 against the Dawgs. Lots of people would forget that Richt has Jesus of Nazareth on his side and that betting on UT will suck your soul to a cold meaningless existence, dementor style. Also, the Dawgs will be playing for Richt's job and UT is set for a(nother) huge let down after the Baton Rouge festivities.

Auburn is giving 6.5 against Kentucky. Auburn will win that game by two touchdowns, at least. Put your money there, my friends. Put your money there.

On a happier note, basketball practice starts at the end of next week. Thank God. I can only live vicariously through the tweets of Stevie Thunder and Threesus for so long.