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Let's Win this One for Festus and His Cakes by Thunder Cake

Every Bride (and post player)'s Dream: Cakes By Thunder
Every Bride (and post player)'s Dream: Cakes By Thunder

Festus Ezeli just turned 21. How did he celebrate? With a Stevie Thunder homemade cookie cake. By the way, if you aren't following SThunder on twitter, you're a failure. At life. His twitter feed will fix that for you. All you have to do is ask. Knock and the door will be opened @steveleandre.

True or False: Stevie Thunder should have a side business selling cookie cakes to Commodore fans. That's true. Can't you just see him and Fes with a multipage spread in a bridal magazine showing off cookie cakes shaped like anchors (of gold)? I'm picturing a chef hat on each. 

South Carolina is favored by 12. That's not enough. They should be more than a two touchdown favorite. They are only a 6.5 point favorite in the first half. That's dumb.

Consider the O/U. It's 46. It's going to be going over. 

Honestly, though, I wouldn't bet the Vandy game. Only thing you might touch is the moneyline with the Commies +370. 

Better bet would be for Bama to cover 17 and definitely cover 9.5 in the first half.