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Name of the Week: South Carolina Gamecocks

Each week I'm going to peruse the other team's roster and pick out the five best names. You be the judge. At the end of the season we'll pit the winners against each other to come up with a Name of the Year.

2010 Winners

UConn: 22 LB Yawin Smallwood
E. Michigan: 11 LB Nate Paopao
Georgia: 18 SS Bacarri Rambo

Honorable Mention
08 WR Lamar Scruggs
09 SS Sharrod Golightly
29 DE Chaun Gresham
42 DT Travian Robertson
43 LB Qua Gilchrist
58 DS Ryland Culbertson
70 DT Byron Jerideau

Nominees after the jump.

10 CB Cadarious Sanders - No pronunciation guide on this one, so assume it's phonetic. I look at this name and I immediately see "cadaver," which I can only assume is normal. Or at least I tell myself that.

51 DS Walker Inabinet - Walker "in-AB-in-et." I love the last name, but it gives me writer's block, (PLEASE IGNORE THE PART OF THAT WHERE IT TALKS ABOUT WRITING AS A PROFESSION).

73 OG Rokevious Watkins - "ro-KEY-v-us" Watkins. Obviously a poor man's Barkevious Mingo. Hopefully now it is painfully clear how important "Mingo" is to the unparalleled beauty that is that name. There may never be another one like it.

81 WR Tori Gurley - Poor guy. It's bad enough his last name is "Gurley." His parents had to give him a first name typically bestowed upon women? Tori Gurley <<<<< Torii Hunter. It works when you've got the extra "i." Oh, and your surname denotes one who is adept at killing things.

91 DT Ladi Ajiboye - Starting defensive tackle for the Gamecocks. "LAH-dee AH-ji-boy." Would you rather be "Tori Gurley" or "Ladi Ajiboye"? I'm pretty sure Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates came to blows while contemplating and debating such a vital philosophical answer to humanity. Also, I motion that Chip Hoback pronounce it "lady."