The Prospective Terror of UGA vs. Vandy

Of course, I'm a woman, so I am not speaking of the fear that may be inherent in Vandy facing the 'Dawgs on the field.

No, I am speaking of the prison-like atmosphere of living in east-central Georgia, and being a 'Dore. That's right. I'm a 'Dore in 'Dawg-land. And I have two tickets to Athens for the October 16th game.

I don't have a pickup truck, and it wouldn't be red if I did, nor would the license plate have a bulldog on it and scrota hanging from the tail hitch. In fact, I have a gently used Range Rover, bought and paid for with the money I earn personally because of the education I've attained (i.e., Daddy didn't give it to me- Daddy is a blue-collar longshoreman from "up North" whose kids washed clothes in the bathtub to get through undergrad & grad school).

However, it seems to fit Bulldogs' impression of Vandy girls- I'm a tennis racket short of being a prep-school mom, and I'm on my fourth Vandy bumper sticker: the last three have been ripped off while I was at work. Oh, right, I work for the State of Georgia. Silly me, driving a vehicle not speckled with G-filled ovals.

Anyhow, to the point: my husband recently returned from deploying overseas, and I thought a weekend away watching the 'Dores play would be a great idea. Closest game to us? Athens- Vandy vs. UGA. Perfect! Booked a B&B, snagged a babysitter... and then I realized: it's UGA's homecoming. Crap.

Not only will I be in a bowl full of barking Rednecks with a combat veteran, but we will both be wearing Black & Gold. In what section will the 'Dores be? Will we be safe? Will we become the figurative Solo cups in Dawg Beer Pong?

Already, my husband has asked me if he's having paranoid combat stress reactions, because when we've been out on the town, the locals have stared us down like Benedict Arnold is in the same grocery line. "No," I tell him, "It's not you. It's because I'm wearing a Vandy t-shirt and they want to lynch me."

Sure, I sound like a wimp. Why should I care what the Dawgs could do to a fan? I'm a 'Dore, and have actually walked on campus, gone to class, and earned post-secondary degrees. (Versus some opposing fans, who don't understand college football indicates a connection to, ah, a COLLEGE).

Well, I appreciate you reading my whining. If you have any words of support, or suggestions for body armor, I think we have some Kevlar in the garage.

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