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Fan Confidence Poll: 10.16.2010 Divination

Each week The Oracle shall attempt to use the minuscule variances in the Vanderbilt Commodores Fan Confidence Poll (upper left side main page) to gain some insight into the future outcome of the upcoming Vanderbilt Commodores event. Trust the poll. It's science.

* * *

There are peaks. There are valleys. And then there are slides. It's fairly obvious to see the slide symbol in the right half of the Commodores FCP. Fortunately, as any child will tell you, slides provide joy. This can only be seen as good fortunes for the Commodores, as it is truly the rare dog that enjoys a slide, excepting, of course, this oneAdvantage: Vanderbilt

* * *

The Georgia FCP presents an extremely clear image - that of the ramp. The ramp is a very deceiving image, for at first it sends its subject up high into the air, as if they wear the waxen wings fashioned by Daedalus. Unfortunately, unless they actually wear those waxen wings, it is only a matter of time until they come crashing back down to Earth. Clearly, last week Georgia flew into the clouds, high above their lowly Tennessee opponents. The gods do not appreciate mere mortals trespassing into their realm. It is time for the Bulldogs to come back down. Advantage: Vanderbilt


So the Oracle of the Fan Confidence Poll has spoken.