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A Filthier Proposition than Udom Umoh's Twitter Feed (@Umoh_)

@Umoh_. Just do it.
@Umoh_. Just do it.

If you aren't following UU's twitter feet (@Umoh_), you should. Just trust me. 

Positive Omen of the Week: Got home from the office last night and what was waiting for me: two beautiful, delicious, tantilizing sets of Commies basketball season tickets. For the first time, I actually have the real season tickets with the pictures of cool stuff on them instead of the lame last minute printed ones. (This is on me. Apparently when you renew your tickets the first day possible you get the good stuff as opposed to renewing them at the last possible second. Also, works out better when you quit trying to upgrade your seats every year. Last year, I reached basketball ticket nirvana, so I'm holding on to them. For the rest of my life. I'm completely serious.)

The DAWGS are a 14.5 point favorite. +8 in the first half. Commies +500 on the moneyline. O/U is 48. 1st half O/U is 24. 

Assuming you aren't a marxist communist hater of life, liberty and apple pie, you're not going to bet against the Commies. Safest bet here: 1st half under (betting the under is always miserable, however. It presents the possibility of having to root against your team scoring points for purely personal reasons. Boo!) Likewise, Vandy with the first half points would be a reasonable backup position. We are good in the first half of games. 

SEC lock of the week: South Carolina giving only 5.5 against the C-A-T-S. Is it a let down game for the Cocks? Yes. Is putting your money behind S. Garcia a bit like trying to hit a trifecta? Absolutely. It's called gambling for a reason, jackass.