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Name of the Week: Georgia Bulldogs

Each week I'm going to peruse the other team's roster and pick out the five best names. You be the judge. At the end of the season we'll pit the winners against each other to come up with a Name of the Year.

2010 Winners

UConn: 22 LB Yawin Smallwood
E. Michigan: 11 LB Nate Paopao

Honorable Mention
32 K Brandon Bogotay
07 TE Orson Charles
03 TB Washaun Ealey
95 LB Reuben Faloughi
69 SN Ty Frix
99 N Kwame Geathers
92 DE Dexter Morant
48 FB Fred Munzenmaier
28 FLK Israel Troupe
36 TB Wes Van Dyk
83 LB Cornelius Washington

Nominees after the jump.

72 OT Kenarious Gates - Recipient of the Porter Otis Payne Football Scholarship, an award which I assume is up for its own name of the week award, and which certainly can't hurt his chances here. Interestingly, no pronunciation guide here, so pronounce it how it reads.

48 LB Kosta Vavlas - There is literally no information on Kosta Vavlas, excepting his listing on the UGA website. Conspiracy theories?

17 FLK Rantavious Wooten - Listed as a flanker. Seriously UGA, not simply WR? I swear if I see him lined up ON the line of scrimmage instead of in the backfield I AM GOING TO BE SO PISSED. He is the recipient of the Colonel Robert L. Jackson Family Scholarship. Pronounced "ran-TAY-vee-us."

75 DE Kiante Tripp - Watch as Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE takes us all on a "Kiante Tripp:"

18 SS Bacarri Rambo - In the words of Spencer Hall, "an intoxicatingly violent man you do not want do tangle with". He's also achieved something I've long strived for: having a cocktail named in his honor. To wit, Dawg Sports' recipe for the "Bacardi Rambo." Rather disappointingly, said recipe somehow does not call for copious amounts of fresh human blood.