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Roll Call: Vanderbilt @ Kentucky

You may notice on some of the other SB Nation blogs (example: Music City Miracles) that they track the participants in their open game threads. I got in touch with Jimmy who runs MCM and he showed me the method they use to tabulate that information. Thanks to those of you who participated! Also, please consider this to be a warm, open invitation for all of you who read and enjoy this site to participate (especially on game days!). SB Nation is based upon the idea of communities. Your participation helps make Anchor of Gold better.

I hereby command the AoG Archivist to preserve these numbers via wikipedia.

Roll Call: KingJamesIV, Train Island, doredarling, VandyImport, VandyDan, VandyFanwithaTie, bloggywo, VolnVA, Drubaru, doreposts, Vandy Dan
Total Users:
Total Posts:
Total Threads:

Name # of Posts
VandyFanwithaTie 104
bloggywo 77
doredarling 63
Vandy Dan 25
KingJamesIV 23
Train Island 15
VolnVA 11
doreposts 6
Drubaru 5
VandyImport 1
VandyDan 1